Here's the rub - I can't do it cheap.

Designing and building furniture takes time. Harvesting and curing lumber takes time. The sawmiller I often purchase from has to make a living too.

So here are some initial price guidelines:

A hardwood six foot dining room table with spun legs starts at $1,400. If there are extras, like having it extend with leaves or complications in design, the price will be higher.

The sleigh crib pictured on the gallery page would run you $1,200.

A book shelf like the one pictured on the gallery page would be $1,200.

I love to build wooden boats. But they are a tremendous amount of work. The cost would vary significantly depending upon the design and materials.

I don't give estimates - I give a cost. So once we settle on a design and materials, I will give you a price that I will stick by. 




Aaron Beswick